Interactive Applets & Web Animation

The web was once a simple place, with little glitz and star-appeal. In the past few years, new technologies have emerged to create interactive applications and animations to help catch your users’ attention. Some web applications work best in an animated environment and other times you just want a little flair to spruce up your website.

Flash Animation and Applets

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Flash is a popular technology that has grown in importance on the Web in recent years. Big name video sites like YouTube depend upon Flash technology to deliver high quality video, and Flash is often used to create web cartoons and interactive games such as those found at New Grounds and other popular websites. If you want to ensure that a certain application looks correct on any browser and exact positioning is important, Flash is often the best choice. At the same time, there are some drawbacks to using Flash. Flash applications and cartoons typically take longer for users to download and load. In addition, Flash must be installed and enabled by users or they will miss out on the experience. Lastly, Flash applications often change the normal navigation and flow of your website and often will not interact normally with the rest of your website. If you are not sure if Flash is the correct direction for you, please feel free to contact me.

In-Page Effects & Integrated Animation

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Using next generation technologies and the power of on-site scripting you can incorporate amazing visual effects into your website. I am experienced with JavaScript based animation and can build plugins that sit on top of popular frameworks like MooTools and JQuery. Integrated JavaScript animation is the solution when you want to retain a normal page layout and flow, but add some extra visual cues. For an example of the power of scripted animation, check out my site’s homepage. There is no Flash or other plug-in required to view the page. In addition, when building animation effects through scripting it is possible to create the code that users will see if they have JavaScript disabled without loss of participation. Scripting solutions are best suited for special effects on existing web content. If you are looking to add some excitement to your website or app, please feel free to ask me more about the possibilities of script based animation. The main drawback to script based animation is that your code can still suffer from particular browser quirks, but by using common frameworks like JQuery, this can greatly be reduced.

If you are considering an animated solution or addition to your existing web application or web site, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I would be glad to help discuss the possibilities and he best approach to reach your design goals.

Developers: If you are interested in learning more about scripting animation, please feel to visit my articles and tutorials for scripting at my personal site

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